A good day for Tim and Tom Coronel

SAN JUAN DE MARCONA – After their nocturnal adventure during the third stage, Tim and Tom Coronel enjoyed a largely trouble-free fourth stage. The duo did got stuck in the loose sand dunes twice, but the rest of the stage went smoothly. As a result, the twins called into the bivouac nicely in time, allowing them to wind down and recharge a bit after the hectic opening days.




The first days for the Coronel brothers had plenty of action in store. On the third stage, the temperature management problems on the brawny Jefferies Buggy occurred once again, the duo losing a lot of time as a result. In fact, the delay was such that they had no other option than to spend the night in the desert. At the crack of dawn, Tim and Tom got back into the car to complete the 40 kilometres that remained until the finish. After that, a road section of 200 kilometres followed. Once back in the bivouac, the twins just had time for a quick pasta dish and to pour some cold water over their heads before heading out again to take on stage 4.


“Now these were some really heavy days,” Tim said with a smile at the finish of the fourth stage. “Fortunately, we had a nice day today, everything went well. The car ran nicely, the temperature issues appear to have been cured. The boys in the team worked flat out and that is now paying off. Such a good stage is really nice, we could do with that indeed!”


Tom added: “Of course, that night in the desert wasn’t quite what we had planned, but that is the way it is. We didn’t have the start of the rally that we had expected, but a Coronel doesn’t give up that easily. We are still fully in contention. With the car, it is all about details, the issues are only small ones. Nothing had to be replaced yet, so the basis is really good. Having such a smooth day is nice for a change. Now, it is time to fresh up and relax and then get going again tomorrow. I am off to bed, bye bye!”