Best Dakar ever for Tim and Tom Coronel

QIDDIYA – After a fortnight of hardship, the Coronel brothers were able to pat each other on the back in celebration on Friday: the mission of the 2020 Dakar Rally had been completed. And not only that: 27th place in the final standings was the best result ever for the duo.

Preparations for the 2020 Dakar Rally already started early in the spring of 2019. As usual, Tom Coronel had a long list of issues that could be improved. Brother Tim took care of the job together with his team of passionate mechanics and assistants. The result followed: The Beast 3.0. In every aspect, it was a better version than its predecessor as reality proved. The first week of the rally went trouble-free, but during the second week, rolling the car resulted into some issues. That didn’t effect the good spirit in any way: the team again reached the finish.


“We did it again, fantastic,” Tom said with a huge smile on his face. “Our goal was to finish somewhere around the top 20. That is certainly possible with this Beast, so that is giving us confidence. We have had a few issues, but this simply was our best Dakar ever. In terms of results, but also the one with the fewest problems. Too bad about the roll, because after that, all kinds of things around it started having issues. That is part of the job, the mistake hurt us a bit. But I massively enjoyed it again and the potential is huge. Now for an even better result!”


Tim adds: “We have thoroughly enjoyed it again. We are arriving here with a little bit less parts on the car, but The Beast is really powerful and strong. Really Coronel-proof, I would say. Again, it was a nice adventure, unbelievable. I am proud of the team, of what they have achieved again this year. Now on to 2021!”