Best result for Tim and Tom Coronel in Dakar Rally

With the 22nd position in the final classification of the Dakar Rally, Tim and Tom Coronel achieved their best result ever. In the Century CR6 they drove a very stable rally but lost a lot of time in the tenth stage. It was one of the toughest Dakars ever for the brothers, especially in the Empty Quarter. They are very happy with the result; Dakar did not get to them.



Tim really enjoyed the rally. “It was really one of the best, especially in terms of challenge. So, it’s great that we made it, but of course it still must sink in. But great to see how everyone participated. The car did very well, thanks everyone. I’m going to enjoy myself today.”



Tim and Tom’s experience paid off during the rally. “They really tried to eliminate everyone, but that didn’t work with the Coronel brothers. We really struggled for two weeks and it was a very tough one. Especially in the Empty Quarter and all the stones. The 48-hour stage was super tough, with those enormous dunes. Our experience then pays off,” Tom said.



They had no problems during the rally. “It actually went really well and we only had one problem, which was the day before yesterday with the wheel. But we achieved our best finish ever and the competition is only getting stronger. We are very pleased with the result.”


“We would like to thank all the partners and the people who helped. All technicians, the team at home and everyone who supported us. And of course, our family at home, who also support us, but it is now time to go home. Michel and Thomas, we missed you.”


Results Dakar Rally 2024 


Stage Proloog 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
Resultaat 55 43 34 41 25 34 30 26 33 29 50 29 33 
Overall  43 35 35 33 32 25 23 22 21 24 24 22