Kremer and De Bois dig through tough second stage

For the second day in a row, Michel Kremer and Thomas de Bois finish in the dark, yet they thoroughly enjoy themselves. In the dunes they get stuck twice and those are the only problems the duo experience. Another good day in the Dakar Rally for Kremer and De Bois as they prepare for the marathon stage.



It was a tough, but also a wonderful day, Kremer thought. “Yes, it was a tough day. We got stuck in the dunes twice but didn’t have any flat tires. So, it was actually a wonderful day. We drove about 3 hours in the dark. The car is good and we’re back at it! On to the next one.”


The next stage is the third and goes from Al Duwadimi to Al Salamiya. It is the first part of the marathon stage, after the finish the mechanics are only allowed two hours to work on the Century CR6. The test itself is 438 kilometers long and is again a mix of rocks, sand and dunes with many different speeds.