Kremer happy with finish after long first stage

A little after 9:30PM, Michel Kremer and Thomas de Bois drove across the finish line of the first stage. Then they had just over 8 hours on the Century CR6 and about 2,5 they drove in the dark. So, Kremer was happy with the finish, but also looking forward to the next stage.



Prior to his second Dakar, Kremer hoped he would put in more miles than last year. After the bad luck during last year’s first stage, Kremer had healthy excitement for the first one of this year. Kremer and De Bois did not let themselves drive crazy and drove their own pace. With lots of rocks and difficult navigation it is a challenging stage.



Kremer was happy the first day was over: “We really had a lot of rocks on the road. It was unfortunate that we had to start an hour later, so we drove in the dark for quite a long time. We had one flat tire and otherwise managed the car well. Thomas navigated super well and the car was just good. So, I’m very satisfied with the first day.”


That second stage will go from Al Henakiyah to Al Duwadimi. It will be another long stage, 462 kilometers, including dunes, trails and many speed differences.