Tim and Tom drive through the dust with a ton of patience

Tim and Tom Coronel’s eleventh stage in the Dakar Rally was characterized by dust. They had to start 133rd and had many participants in front of them who were slower than the brothers. With a lot of concentration and patience they maneuvered through the dust and the other participants. The Century CR6 felt good and no mistakes were made in the car.



Dust, that sums up the day in one word. “We had to start at the back, of course, with about 100 slower cars in front of us and we encountered a lot of them,” says Tom. “It was basically just riding in the dust all the time and being patient. You can’t just overtake, because we drove through valleys and many paths with stones, so it’s not that easy to miss. So, it was catching up one by one and it went well.”



The men had small eyes at the finish, that was due to the focus, Tim said. “You are so concentrated while driving and looking through that dust. We really had the patience of an angel, they won’t believe that at home. It was 6.5 hours with the helmet on through the dust, something I have never experienced before. But we had a good time.”



Tomorrow the last stage takes place, a 174 kilometer loop around Yanbu. Much of which is sand and tracks with stones. It is important to maintain focus until the last kilometer.