Tim and Tom impressed by dunes as they give Peterhansel a helping hand

The sixth stage of the Dakar Rally is 549 kilometers over two days, on the first day Tim and Tom Coronel covered more than half of that. The dunes they have to get through are big, but they manage to stay out of trouble by driving smart. On the way they met St├ęphane Peterhansel with problems, Tim and Tom helped by lending the hand jack after which he could continue his way.



Tim and Tom were especially impressed by the dunes. “Those dunes,” Tom began. “I’ve never seen this before. These were really the fiercest dunes ever. The people who still have to go through here tomorrow are going to have a tough time. We’ve been riding pretty much at ease, mainly wanting to stay out of trouble. It’s a long stage and it’s already a big mess.”



Along the way, they encountered the Audi of fourteen-time Dakar winner Peterhansel. “He had a problem with the car’s hydraulic system and as a result the automatic jack didn’t work. He needed to change his wheel but didn’t have a hand jack with him. We do have that on board our Century buggy and lent it out, which allowed him to continue. Peterhansel is now in the same bivouac as us, so it’s great that we can help each other out,” Tim said.



Tomorrow Tim and Tom still have more than 200 kilometers to go through the dunes. “Above all, we don’t want to have any problems, so mainly continue like this. We’re having a great time!”