Tim Coronel finishes Dakar 2016

Rosario, January 16th 2016 – After two tough weeks Tim Coronel finished the Dakar Rally for the 6th time. The last stage from Villa Carlos Paz to Rosario was more of a formality, but that didn’t mean it was easy. Tim finished as 45th and with that he won the Lightweight and the Solo class.




The last stage was a short one, but the rain of the last days changed the roads into a mud puddle. The mud didn’t make it easy for Tim but after the finish that didn’t matter for him anymore: “Yes! We did it! Wow, what an amazing feeling. This is what we worked for”, Tim tells us after the finish. “What a stage by the way. There’s mud all over me and the Maxxis Dakar Buggy. The start of the stage was okay, but halfway gone I couldn’t see a thing and I thought: it’s good. The last kilometres I’m going to enjoy the scenery and the amazing groups of spectators.


Pick up the flowers

Once recovered from the stage we talked to Tim. “I’m so happy! It was a couple of hectic weeks, a hectic year actually. After not reaching the finish for two years I really wanted to go to the podium, and more important, I wanted to show that this buggy is capable of finishing the Dakar. Unfortunately we didn’t reach all the goals, because we wanted to finish with both of the buggies, but we tried to make the best of it and I think we did. I’m already looking forward to the drive to the podium with all those great spectators and I believe we can go pick up flowers, because I think I’m first in the Solo and Lightweight class. I want to thank everyone. The team here and in the Netherlands and of course all our sponsors and relations. Without you we couldn’t have done it! I hope everybody enjoyed because for us it was a great adventure. Now onto the podium and tonight a hot shower and a cold beer, I need that!”