Tim and Tom satisfied after a long and challenging ninth stage

In the Century CR6, Tim and Tom Coronel experienced a good ninth stage of the Dakar Rally. The long stage was a real challenge due to the different surfaces, but the car did not budge and performed excellently. Tim and Tom made no mistakes despite tricky navigation, heavy sand, steep climbs and many jumps.




The stage started with all kinds of small jumps that never ended. โ€œAt one point I wondered if it would stop, just those little jumps. That suited our car very well, but there were also some steep climbs. We didn’t always achieve that in one go, but with a detour it went well,” said Tim.


Navigation was tricky again today. โ€œWe reached all the waypoints, but we had to search a few times. One was sneakily hidden in a cliff, but that went really well. It was also very diverse, with heavy sand and all kinds of difficult paths over rocks. We even had a real trail course in it. I thought it was a really cool stage,โ€ according to Tom.



Tim thought the Century did very well in this area. โ€œThe car held up well, which was great. I had the feeling that the new gearbox did not feel quite right in third gear, which we have been driving for two days now. We’ll check that out in the bivouac. In the last part some dust got into the car, so we saw a little less. So there was still a little more pace.โ€


Tomorrow the tenth stage will be held, this is a loop around Al Ula. The 371 kilometer stage is described as a devilish obstacle course in which they will encounter many stones and rocks.